112. Investment News for Winning at Cloud Ecommerce in 2021

Who Will Control Millennial Buyers’ Clickstream In 2021?

Millennials are now: 19-36; glued to their smartphones; overwhelmingly Amazon Prime Members; and rating their Amazon App as most valuable and frequently used.

They want their Amazon B2C shopping experience on the job. 73% of all present, B2B buying decisions involve a millennial. 33% of final purchasing decisions are made by a millennial (and climbing!).

Whoever controls Millennials’ digital shopping journeys in 2021 can capture and monetize their clickstream data. Will all verticals that sell anything to Millennials be paying advertising fees to AMZ? Recent news suggests: not without a battle for eyes.   

August ‘18 News Dots To Connect

  1. Consumer Reports rated peer-to-peer (P2P) payment systems. Apple Pay won. Other included facts: 79M adult Americans will use P2P services this year up 24% over last year. What percent of those users were Millennials versus distributor managers (and reps) over 45? Are channel veterans clued in?
  2. JP Morgan announced 100 free stock trades for any customer with any size account. The CEO stated: “We look to Amazon and its Prime business for inspiration”. PS: every bank is panicked about Amazon’s control of millennial eyes and its moves into banking services.
  3. McDonalds (and franchisees) will spend $6B on modernizing their restaurant experience by 2020. Only one out of five millennials has tasted a Big Mac! So, get digital! Self-order kiosks. Digital menu boards. Expanded MCafe counters. And, either McDelivery or curbside pick-up options after ordering with the McD App.
  4. The big grocery players – Walmart, Target and Kroger – reported impressive increases in same store sales and web sales. Their earnings were down due to billions in digital investments, but stock prices were up. Investors like the Bezosian method of sacrificing short term profits for long-term success in owning next-gen digital buyers.
  5. From a different angle, Costco announced all stores will accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay. Is this targeting millennials or Old-school executives?
  6. Home Depot reported in July a plan to spend $1.2B over the next 5 years to build 170 new DCs of three types to better serve Omnichannel orders. Building material distributors: what is your omnichannel strategy for next-gen customers?
  7. Car-dealer Sales Reps are now turning over 100% per year. Customers know too much about new car prices from the net. Profits and commissions on new cars are fading. Will your commodity profits and reps’ commissions be similarly affected by 2021?

What Are Your 2021 Plans?

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