The exhibits below are an abridged version of all of the exhibits at Merrifield.com. These selected exhibits have some reference relevance to LIPA Management. We have kept the original numbers that the exhibits have at the Act 1 site.

1. Crafting a Good Strategy, Part II
2. 4 Guidelines for Great “Service Encounters” 
3. Eight Elements of Service Excellence
4. Process Engineering (x) Services 
5. Value Buying Categories of Customers
7. Anatomy of a Product
9. Everyone Wins Pay Policy
10. Monthly Goal Planning Statements
11. The Big Picture
12. PBIT Ranking Notes
13. Customer IQ Quiz
14. Profitability of Products
16. The Kinetic Chain of Profit Power
17. Culturegram – Learning to Learn
24. Make Lots of Good, Cheap, Fast Mistakes
25. CASE STUDY: ABC Distribution Rethinks Their “Profit Power” (CASESTUDYRethinkProfitPower.asp)
29. Hub Or Butterfly Economics
43. Memo to Branch Managers regarding “People, Service, Profits” Metrics
44. The 5-5-5 Kit 

Exhibits 45 – 53 are all part of Fast Growth Management Memes. We have divided it into 9 exhibits.

45. Fast Growth Management Memes – Overview 
46. Fast Growth Management Memes – Strategic Guidelines, Section One 
47. Fast Growth Management Memes – Management Guidelines, Section Two 
48. Fast Growth Management Memes – Marketing Guidelines, Section Three 
49. FFast Growth Management Memes – Personnel Guidelines, Section Four 
50. Fast Growth Management Memes – Operational Guidelines, Section Five 
51. Fast Growth Management Memes – Innovation Guidelines, Section Six 
52. Fast Growth Management Memes – “Desiderata”, Section Seven 
53. Fast Growth Management Memes – Guidelines Scorecard 
56. To Re-cap: Merrifield Plays and Waypoint Reports 
57. Recipe For Key Account Selling Contests
58. Transform “Business Intelligence” Into: “Quantum Profit Management”
Individual Scorecard for Exhibit 58
Summary Scorecard for Exhibit 58
59. Co-creating Buy-Sell Process Improvements (BSPIs) with Key Accounts II
60. An introductury memo on three new “change management scripts”.
61. Script 1: More To The Core Sales
62. Script 2: Turning Lead Accounts Into Gold
62A. Script 2, Exhibit 1: Sample Agenda For Friendly Customer
62B. Script 2, Exhibit 2: Supplemental Thoughts For Hard-Nosed Customers
63. Script 3: Heroic Acts For Core And Gazelle Target Accounts
65. AMZ’s Extending Platform; What-If AmazonSupply (AS) Scenarios

66. Appendix for 5-5-5 Selling

67. 2020 Sales Force Questions