Get to The eCommerce Future Best: Webinar Series

I’m launching into an 11-webinar series about eCommerce for Distributors.

You can follow the series here.

Who is The Intended Audience?

  1. Anyone within B2B distribution channels: factories, reps, distributors, redistributors/dealers. More specifically:
  2. Factories considering how to digitally-engage end-users along with subsequent follow-through e-support scenarios. These new buying journey scenarios will in turn affect existing channel-models and economics.
  3. Distributors considering how to reinvent their e – channel, business and selling – models.
  4. Reps desiring to reinvent their value to fit into different e-selling scenarios.

What Questions Do These 11 Webinars Address?

Channels are shifting from pushing products to end-users (starring both field and inside sales reps) to: next-gen, digital (millennial) B2B buyers pulling product-information and different, buying-scenarios to the. Buyers expect 24/7/365 digital access to everything including video and configurator-tool support.

This sea change will not be a stark all-or-nothing change. But, standard service-cost-bundle models for channels and distributors must be unbundled to allow customers to dynamically and flexibly pay for individual service options using new digital tools along varying buying-journey scenarios. Factories will both dis- and re-intermediate their distributors to varying degrees.

As consumers, we already enjoy new digital-buying privileges as we use: Amazon Prime; Edmund’s to buy cars; Zillow for houses; AirBnb for lodging; etc. To think that – Millennial B2B buyers will want to buy from distributors sticking to one, unchanging, standard way is wishful, fatal thinking. Commissioned reps, for example, will be both dis- and re-intermediated.

The C-19 crisis has rendered all of these changes urgent.

Start your journey with this primer on the challenges:

Specific Questions Addressed by These Webinars:

1) Embracing New Paradigm Thinking (Available now! See here.)

  • Human biases minimize the challenges and possibilities at hand
  • A Cloud Ecommerce shift is here. Rethink necessary, big changes going forward.
  • Paradigm changes have happened before. We can do this one. A call to action!

2) Amazon Business Effects (Available now! See here.)

  • Many underestimate the net-profitable SKU business AMZ will take or price compromise
  • Distributor cost-structures can’t compete with AMZ on small, spot-buy orders
  • Refocus, Renew what you do best. Sell what AMZ can’t: system replenishment solutions to best accounts
  • Migrate to Customer-centric, 3PL-type, selling-models
  • A core-customer renewal is first. Gain courage and cashflow for digital innovation experiments/investment.

3) Net-Profit Analytics Basics (Available now! See here.)

  • Without a cost-to-serve model distributors accumulate losing activities and lack the insights to fix them.
  • The busy-ness from losing customers distracts from doing more for best, net-profitable accounts.
  • Those incented on sales and margin dollar volume will fight new insight plays even though the upside gains would benefit them (and all). Education is the cure.

4) Net-Profit-Analytics Plays – I (Available now! See here.)

  • How GM$s/FTEE is a 4-win metric
  • CEO takes #1 account to next level
  • Fixing 3 types of losing customers
  • Beef best SKUs; Fix Losing Ones
  • Big Rebate Suppliers: New Angles

5) Net-Profit Analytics Plays – II (Available now! See here.)

  • High Credit Activity Expense Customers
  • Customer-Niche, Service Excellence Innovation/Domination
  • Better, High-Yield Quoting Niches and Generally

6) Net-Profit Analytics Plays – III (Available now! See here.)

  • Reducing Repetitive Inter-Branch SKU Activity
  • Analytical Concepts/Tools:
  • Minnow Accumulation Process
  • NBC Delta Ranking Shows Dynamic Redeployment of FTEEs
  • Sidebar on Targeting Gazelles (Webinar #10)
  • Worst Small Accounts to Study
  • Reinvent a Wholetail Business Model. Wheel of Learning
  • Solving (Branch) Counter Sales Unprofitability (Minnow Division/Orders in General)

7) Net-Profit Analytics Plays – IV (Available now! See here.)

Analytic Tools/Concepts

  • Types of Big GM$ Accounts
  • All have measurable friction. Pinpoint with 15 Deep-Dive Lenses
  • Customers Ranked by (losing) Picks
  • Biggest Loser Analysis/Solution
  • Worst, small loser: analysis/solution
  • JIT Delivery of Paper Clips: Solution

More Support Concepts:

  • New, Rep: Ed., Skills, Incentives, Support
  • Price-Judo into Partnership Path pitch
  • Need for 3-4 Customer-Centric, Selling Models
  • Enterprise Selling: 9-steps, McDonald’s Example

8) Migrating to New Selling Models for 2023 (Available now! See here.)

  • Solving the – “Reps Won’t Like (any of) This”- problem
  • Review of E-Selling Model Imperatives, Options
  • 4 Guidelines for Tailored Solution For Each Rep
  • Calculating a Risk of Defection Number/Rep
  • Using Net-Profit Lens. Downsize, Upgrade?

9) Borrow, Adapt: Past, Selling-Model Shifts (Available now! See here.)


  1. Where (your?) don’t-mess-with, selling-model came from?
  2. What are the forces and drawbacks requiring new e-selling models
  3. How alternative channels have met this challenge for change ideas
    Then, test the existing and new models v 3 final case scenarios

All to spark discussion about and comfort-zoning for selling-model innovation.

10) Cracking Target, Whale Accounts (Available now! See here.)

  • Developing a Next-Level, Formal-Cracking Ability
  • With 5, Specific (New?) Conceptual Tools

11) Change Management; Getting to a Data-Driven Culture (Available now! See here.)

  • Review the Entire Journey
  • Concept tools, Guidelines for the Trip

Can These Webinars be Re-purposed for Groups?

YES! These webinars are necessarily organized in a logical, linear manner with a general, one-size fits all delivery. Any group desiring a customized webinar or any type of virtual, interactive experience, please be in touch with me directly. (

The total number of slides for all webinars is about 200. Attendees of any of the webinars can request the slides for that webinar via email. Meeting planners can request all 200 – immediately – to skim as an idea starter for their own customized needs.

Any customized derivatives will involve a reasonable fee.