151. Share the Secret: “Profit” Is a Clean Word!


Many distributors do not share general financial numbers with all employees on a regular basis. So, new plays and innovation metrics (based on insights from customer and SKU net-profit analytics) can’t be pursued. Too bad! All stakeholder groups would benefit enormously. 


In many of my presentations over the years, I’ve asked roomfuls of distributor principals:

“Who shares the general financial numbers and key improvement metrics with all employees?”

Answer: 0-10%.  

Why not? There are quick reasons that have net-positive solutions. It’s the tough psychological concerns (shared with me rarely and privately) that need more help: as in the following composite, imaginary conversation. 

CEOs: “Bruce, for me (and I think many) it’s about ego fears. I want the world to think that I’m more competent than I am; and my company is bigger and more profitable than it is.

Sharing numbers might even scare some employees into leaving. Our going-nowhere numbers don’t promise great career growth.

And, employees would then ask questions for which I can’t give great answers. I’m not a financial, how-we-all-win educator. Nor do I have any new vision and strategy for making numbers improve for everyone’s benefit. We just keep doing what we are doing as hard and efficient as we can.” 

BRUCE: “In a virtual meeting, I can show you how customer-profitability analytics will provide new insights for breakout, strategic results!”

CEOs: “Fan my greed with new strategies and push my fear button about Amazon and Cloud Ecommerce. I still don’t have enough confidence that I could execute big changes. I’ve allowed my employees to become older and complacent, like me! How can I ask them to do new stuff, when most have been in their respective ruts for years?”                          

BRUCE: “A corporate renewal challenge is like an unfit, middle-aged person getting ripped. It’s doable. But, be smart and patient with a good plan. And, a personal trainer with specific, track-record success helps.”

CEOs:Well, breaking out of our tedious rut sounds appealing. We can at least invest some time into a virtual, overview session, and a visit with the Pivot Guy.”    

For the part-time, renewal trainer check out Pivotal Advisory Group: (www.pivotalag.com). The principal, McKinnon, specializes in implementing distributor, customer-net-profit analytics plays. He will help you break “big change” into multiple small changes. Then, start each opportunity with baby-steps for quick, momentum-building wins.   

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