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121. Full-Employment Woes? Reinvent Service-Value!

Nov 2, 2018 Employment News

 250,00 new jobs were added to the economy in October. Unemployment dropped to 3.7%: a 40-year low. Yearly wages increased 3.1%: the biggest gain since the financial meltdown 10 years ago. The best young employees are starting to job-shop and hop. Besides more pay, smart ones want:

  1. A believable and engaging vision, strategy, and culture – that will reward all stakeholders.
  2. And, personally: job security, pride, education, growth – all with great team satisfaction.

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120. Your Best Cloud-Commerce and the Mythical Cassandra


…Was a beautiful princess of besieged Troy who enchanted Apollo. To win her charms, Apollo gave her the gift to foresee the future. But, when she reneged on romance, he compromised the gift so that no one would believe her predictions. She begged fellow Trojans to not take the Wooden Horse (left behind by the Greeks) into the city’s walls, but to no avail. Continue reading 120. Your Best Cloud-Commerce and the Mythical Cassandra

116. Three Steps To Winning At Cloud Ecommerce in 2021

Future-Shock Cloud Ecommerce is Here

In 2018, well over $100B will be spent on digital cloud ecommerce capabilities. Even the large public distributors are spending 10’s of millions on upgrading digital-selling capabilities.

The telecommunications companies have started, in parallel, a race to build out 5G wireless bandwidth starting in major cities. By 2021, Best B2B customers in top 50 cities will… Continue reading 116. Three Steps To Winning At Cloud Ecommerce in 2021

112. Investment News for Winning at Cloud Ecommerce in 2021

Who Will Control Millennial Buyers’ Clickstream In 2021?

Millennials are now: 19-36; glued to their smartphones; overwhelmingly Amazon Prime Members; and rating their Amazon App as most valuable and frequently used.

They want their Amazon B2C shopping experience on the job. 73% of all present, B2B buying decisions involve a millennial. 33% of final purchasing decisions are made by a millennial (and climbing!).

Whoever controls Millennials’ digital shopping journeys in 2021 can capture and monetize their clickstream data. Will all verticals that sell anything to Millennials be paying advertising fees to AMZ? Recent news suggests: not without a battle for eyes.    Continue reading 112. Investment News for Winning at Cloud Ecommerce in 2021

108. Amazon Business Has a Secret Plan

Distracting Stats v Strategic Profit Intent

Amazon is secretive, even deceptive. For instance, it trumpets amazing stats in press releases that can distract us from seeing their strategic goals. Maybe this is part of the plan. Why spark early competitive responses?

Consider AMZ-Biz. The last official numbers we saw for sales, resellers, and buyers were at year-end 2016. Wouldn’t you brag on growing 20% per month?

So what final profit streams is AMZ-Biz envisioning? How about fees from: Continue reading 108. Amazon Business Has a Secret Plan

93. Amazon (AMZ) Backcasting Strategies

Does your company plan to sell – physical or digital – goods to AMZ Prime members in 2020 and beyond? Then, backcast about the ideal customer shopping journey that AMZ will be dictating. And, start changing now.


It’s visionary planning:

  1. Start with an ideal vision of what customers might want in 2020+.
  2. With that end in mind move backwards from the vision to the present.
  3. Then ask: “What do we do today – step by step – to move towards the vision”.
  4. “Back” contrasts with “fore”- casting which takes our past and extends it into the future. Backcasting will move you towards the future you will need.
  5. Talk in the future perfect tense. “By 2020, AMZ will have achieved this next-level shopping experience. And, we will have accomplished…” (What: to stay vital?)
  6. For backcasting slides search the term at Google Images.

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