7. Empower Your Employees like the U.S. Military

Distributors who subscribe to WayPoint Analytics’ service discover overwhelming new profit-improvement opportunities.

But, to seize the gold before competitors, the WayPoint information must be shared with all employees along with modest increases in: skills, authority, incentives and desire.

Can you “empower” and “engage” your employees?

These are tired and failed terms/efforts for most companies, because these magic words were pursued within a “Leader-Follower” framework. We were still “the Boss” attempting to manage the employees into their same natural state exhibited when they are with their families, homes and hobbies.

What if we implemented a new – everyone will be a leader – set of assumptions and simple practices?

Why and how do we do that? Easy! We copy the leadership practices from the new, best-empowerment employer on the planet: the US Military!

Because battle tools have gotten high-tech and combat situations guerilla-esque, you can’t micro-manage the troops in crisis conditions. Military leadership has changed massively since the ’80s.

Here are both reading and speaking proof and practices:

Check out this book: “Turn the Ship Around” by Marquet. At Amazon, it has 222 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars: Unprecedented! In it, you’ll read how a submarine Captain took an attack sub from last to best in the fleet in six months (and sustainably so for years after his departure). You’ll love the writing style, the stories, and the actionable ideas and format.

For speaking proof, head over to Profit-Ideas.com and check out the interview by Randy MacLean of retired 2-star Major General, John Batiste. What you won’t find out in this short interview is that:

  1. John will be speaking to and hanging out with all attendees at the Advanced Profit Innovation Conference on October 1-2 in Phoenix. (Register soon because it is almost sold out!)  John will be addressing us wearing his Level Five Associates hat, a new endeavor he’s launching with fellow retired 2-star Major General, Robert Mixon.
  2. John was also CEO for over five years of a steel distribution company with over 200 employees, and he took the company from good to certifiably great. In fact, the company won multiple “Best Place to Work” and “Best Practice” awards. He also led the company through a phenomenal, profit-turnaround using the Waypoint Analytics service. His culture made it possible.  In fact, he’s doing it again as the current CEO of a steel-processing start up!

You can learn more about empowering your employees and what you can learn from the U.S. Military when you come to APIC, which is coming up soon!

When you attend APIC with the best distributors in the country, you can expect to get new: vision, information, energy and leadership practices!  Hope to see you there!



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