163. Become A Happy, Winning Company


Google and read – “The Astros are Major League Baseball’s Happy Place” – an (8/16/19) NY Times article. Or, reflect on these out-take quotes:

  •  “Houston has become the envy of MLB”. (They’ve won more games in the past three seasons than any other team. They are currently, on August 16th, 2/1 odds favorites to win the 2019 world series. Others? Dodgers at 5/2; Yankees 6/1; Braves 10/1; Cubs and Indians 16/1.)
  • “The Astros identify dominant skills, make supporting data easy to understand and access, and cultivate an environment in which players are assertive, yet open-minded and share information”.
  • Their clubhouse is “a marketplace of ideas”
  • “The analytics help show guys what they do well… we push each other… the veteran guys show us how to pitch… homegrown talent becomes elite and stays that way… established stars, (traded to the Astros) have gotten even better…there is always something that the Astros can highlight, and the players buy in.
  • “Whether or not they win the World Series, they know they will be the best version of themselves.”


…Challenging the status quo with the scientific method to create new analytics? For example, evolving a good-enough, service-activity-cost model to have actionable net-profit-ranking reports for both customers and SKUs? But then…

  • How to create next-level value for most net-profitable customers? And, curing the big losers with win-win solutions?
  • How to lead needle-moving change? Big insights from net-profit rankings require new plays that will meet resistance. What first experiments will you do with most open-minded associates? And, who will be your change champion? 
  • How to instill a data-based growth mindset within every employee?
  • How many B2B reps will not be needed by next-gen, digital buyers?
  • How (instead) will you help all reps to: grow into better replenishment system consultants for key accounts, and master e-selling skills and tools to interact with millennial B2B, digital buyers?
  • How you will afford to invent a customer-centric, digital transformation? Are you too busy and profitless due to serving too many losing customers and their orders?

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