193. The C-19 Shift: Virtual-First!

Everybody is Embracing Virtual Interactivity and On-Line Buying

C-19 disruptions are all-consuming for CEOs. All are working long, stressful hours doing whack-a-mole heroics with empathy for the most-hard-hit.

But, the working-from-home crowd including – many of our customers’ buyers; our sales reps; and cautious seniors – are enjoying new-to-them, digital experiences.

For Example:


Streaming for: yoga, meditation, church services, virtual cocktail parties, social chats and even weddings. Grandkids are teaching grandparents how to hit the FaceTime button on their phones, etc.

When the New Normal arrives, how many B2B buyers will dictate a new, preferred mix of: virtual interactivity and e-selling support with FaceTime calls only as needed? Why wait? Survey key buyers now and proactively co-create the new “e-relationships”?


We’re all doing video conferences. The biggest learners of how and the new fans are the old-school honchos who use to call physical meetings.

Who misses the time and cost of commuting? How much future work will shift to tele-commuting? For what effectiveness gains?


Microsoft is making all 2020 events “digital first”. Canceling in-person events a year in advance!

Will interest in annual trade shows diminish? How can those shows be reimagined through a virtual-first, engagement lens? Warning: the model and profits will be vastly different.

Spectator Sports:

Magnus Carlsen, best-ever chess player, is hosting a virtual, invitational tournament for the top 8 players. On-line chess has taken off during the global lockdown. The tournament is fast-paced using features you can’t provide in on-site tournaments. The prize money is a record. And, the chess federations’ monopoly is broken.

Will trade gatherings of all kinds be similarly diminished?

On-line Buying:

For the first two weeks of the US lockdown, all e-Commerce sales were up 25%; grocery shopping 100%; C-19 protection products 807%. Prescription deliveries to seniors exploded. And, all trends are growing.

After a few more months of this action, how will traditional B2B buying habits and expectations shift? How important will it be for B2B brands and distributors to create – engaging, digital content and selling models – to give each key buyer what they have learned to want during the C-19 freeze?

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