231. Pro Football Lessons for Distributors

Two stories from the ’20 –’21 NFL season:

  1. The startling, performance improvement in the Buffalo Bill’s quarterback, Josh Allen.
  2. And, why did punts per game per team dropped to an all-time low of 3.7?

What are the backstories, and what do they have to do with distributors? 

Allen’s “Secret Recipe” For Huge, Skill Improvement

Google Allen’s off-season training to find out that he combined:

  1. Lots of video and performance stats
  2. Best, fresh-approach coaches to whom he totally trusted and followed.
  3. A growth mindset that he could neurologically rewire his performance habits.
  4. And, many hours of deliberate, perfect practice to upgrade his unconscious-competence.

Except for the video and analytics, Josh’s followed a seldom-used, ancient formula for (re) mastery of any skill to go with – in his case- raw athletic talent.

Why “seldom used”? Normal human resistance to change! Both veteran coaches and players typically don’t want to mess with what’s working “great” in their own inflated opinions.  

The distributor connection? Most managers and field reps need to re-master their skills to win at on-rushing, eCommerce 2023. But, what percent of veterans will want to – see, believe and seize – this new opportunity?   

And, Punting?   

Rugby morphed into “American football” in 1869 featuring four downs to go ten yards. Punting on 4th down (with few standard exceptions) became sport-think wisdom. This convention persisted in the pros until 2017. Then, the ancient average of 4.8 punts/game per team started to decline to the current 3.7. Why? Analysts finally convinced a few open-minded coaches to statistically bet more often on 4th with winning results. The herd followed.

A similar flip happened in basketball. If you make 40% of 3-point shots and 50% of 2-point shots, then you will score 20% more points by taking 3’s. Plus, you open up the court for more drives to the hoop. It took 20 years before the herd stampeded to simple math over 3 years!  

Beat the Distributor Herd. Embrace Customer Profitability Analytics (CPA) Now!

Distributors who act on CPA insights are first: winning big within conventional, field-selling strategies. Then, they have the math to co-create: new, e-selling models with best customers; and new omni-channels with key suppliers.  

Does your company have the can-do, open-mindedness of Josh Allen and go-for-it-on-4th curiosity? If so, check out my 12-webinar curriculum and seize your own breakout results.

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