189. Black-Swan Management Strategy

Economic Dominos to Date

As I write, C-19 fallout keep increasing. An oil price war is raging. Global financial markets are melting. And, politicians and central banks are pondering more money-printing, can-kicking tactics to stay in power.

What to do? “Stay calm and carry on.”

But, only if you (also) have the right analytical and digital strategy that will win in the Cloud eCommerce world of 2023.

Accelerating, Reinforcing Trends Suggest What Vision by ’23?

  1. Armies of 2-pizza teams at Amazon are innovating ways to grow B2B revenues (and services for fees from resellers) by giving millennial B2B buyers what they want, which is…
  2. …digital first, 24/7/365: answers, prices, availability, ordering, half-day or less delivery and tracking.
  3. Biggest B2B brands must increase digital-engagement measures for end-users or lose to lesser brands and clones that are on Amazon. How must distributor-channel models then change?
  4. Digital disruptors will offer lower prices on distributors’ most, net-profitable SKUs.
  5. 5G bandwidth will explode along with B2B video-education use.
  6. And: the selling model of – reps calling on a regular basis (with the cost built into the product) – will be replaced by interactive, e-selling support. By how much?

Distributors! Got Analytics To:

  1. Target the invention of more total-procurement value for most net-profitable customers?
  2. Done in ways that Amazon Business and innovative competitors (like Home Depot) cannot?
  3. Guide “digital transformation”? Model innovations at the – selling, business and channel – levels will require all services to be unbundled-for-fees. Then, custom solutions for key accounts can be co-created.

Or, are you, herd-like, just hitting the – investment and discretionary spending – pause buttons? And, getting ready to broadly cut costs and headcount if/as sales may go south?

A new, digital, customer-centric paradigm is here. How can you both downsize costs while inventing unique value for best customers?

Net-Profit Analytics (NPA) Is Key   

Net-Profit-Analytics (with a cost-to-serve model at the line/SKU level) provides new: insights, plays and upside profit-power possibilities. The “Core Customer Renewal” path that NPA enables also guides and finances all “digital transformation” investments and model innovations.

How Exactly?

Glad you asked!

This Thursday (April 23rd), I will present a Coronavirus response webinar:

C-19 Paradigm Change: Getting to the “New Normal”

Until then, you can catch up with my on-going eCommerce series. This is not an either/or scenario. Distribution needs to adapt quickly. This is the shortcut to a holistic approach.

eCommerce 2023 webinar series

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