192. Shut-In, Fitness-Webinars For: C-19 & Cloud eCommerce ’23

A Double Whammy Moment

Besides the C-19 crisis, what is your digital transformation plan for 2023? Amazon, Home Depot, etc. are investing massively to digitally disrupt traditional B2B distribution channels. How can both brands and distributors change their models at three levels – channel, business and selling – to both survive C-19 and have the wherewithal to win at Cloud eCommerce ’23?

What won’t work? Cutting costs across the board and pursuing old-beliefs harder.

Time to Embrace New-Math Plays?

Most distributor principals know that they have a lot of net-un-profitable activity hiding within their aggregated numbers. But, having incentives to just get more sales and margin dollar volume (service activity costs be damned) always worked. Why change? Some realities:

  1. The global economy has an unprecedented 323% debt-to-GDP ratio with a similar total of unfunded social programs and pensions.
  2. 2. Now shut down a huge percent of the GDP (the denominator) for C-19. Not good!
  3. But, Cloud eCommerce is getting a Zoom-ing lift from all of the C-19, at-home, digital activity.
  4. Desperate customers will lean on distributors. How to judo this pressure into rethinking the total replenishment relationship for win-win benefits?
  5. Millennial B2B buyers are taking over. They don’t want regular calls from competing, redundant reps, especially with C-19 concerns.

Net-Profit Analytics (NPA) can help with all of these factors. But, NPA is a new way of thinking and managing. Too overwhelming? If so, can you reset your team’s emotional dials to at least invest time in getting more educated about all-things, NPA?

Emotional Dials to Reset:

  1. Crank the fear dial. Cutting costs and trying harder is most risky.
  2. Greed dial? Doing an extreme Core-Renewal may reduce total sales by 1 or 2%, but boost profits by 2 to 10-fold with all stakeholders sharing in productivity gains. And, get the can-do energy, free cash-flow and agility to win at eCommerce ’23.
  3. The Curiosity dial? All great discoveries begin with curiosity. Why not, at the least, check out the info on my 11 new webinars at this link.
  4. And, the more curious dial? A customized webinar cherry-picked from the 11? (Details here. The same custom option is open to qualifying: trade associations; buying groups; and personal clients.)

See you at the Webinars!?

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