Just Doing E-Calling?

Most distributors (and all major drug manufacturers) have asked field reps not to make regular field sales calls. Instead: “use the phone and interactive e-tools to serve your accounts”.

Doing So With Curiosity and Experimentation?

  1. Are you curious enough to ask new questions; try some e-experiments; and get ready for E-Selling in 2023?
  2. 2023? Do you think your selling style will be immune to current e-trends that will change – channel, replenishment process and selling – models by 2023?
  3. Could this current C-19 e-calling last long enough to permanently shift how some buyers would like to interact with reps?
  4. Will some (millennial) buyers use the C-19 shift as the excuse they need to stop seeing reps on a regular basis?
  5. How are you reinvesting saved drive-time into serving best accounts more creatively, thoroughly and e-timely?
  6. Could this C-19 crisis create new buyer needs? Why not look for new common problems, then help even with partial, pain-mitigation solutions to rack up future goodwill points.
  7. For answers to 3 – 6: why not survey best, most progressive contacts on both C-19 problems and future e-selling scenarios and possibilities?
  8. For example: what if some customers (who are also at home with kids) might like to be able to text you 24/7/365 for e-support and work out new, more flexible access hours?
  9. Or, have some customers had a fun, first-time-ever, zoom-party with family members? Could you do a zoom session with several of your team and their team as an experiment? Could this broaden and deepen the “relationship” and grow sales?
  10. 95% of humans prefer doing the status quo. Less than 5% are curious enough to imagine and experiment with new possibilities. They win when the game changes. Do you have a competitor who is exploring these questions while you aren’t?

2023, Selling, Paradigm Changes?

There have been big, selling-model shifts in some distribution channels. Distributors selling to – retail chains, hospitals and integrated supply contracts – all come to mind. In every shift case, only a small percent of old-way reps were able to adapt and be part of the new, selling models.

Cloud eCommerce ’23 is coming, and the C-19 crisis will accelerate shifting e-buying preferences.

Prophets for new paradigms have historically been burnt at the stake by the majority. Will you dismiss my questions or get curious enough to check out my new, 11-webinar series about winning in 2023?

eCommerce 2023 webinar series

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