27. 8 Ways to Engage Distributor Employees with All-Win Information

According to a March 2016 Gallup poll, only 33% of U.S. employees were “engaged” with their jobs. But, what if I told you that you could get much higher engagement, as well as increased growth and profit rates, simply by ensuring that all of your distributor employees know the answers to these game-changing questions? It’s true! Here are the questions:

  1. Who are the top 10 most (potentially) profitable customers that pay a disproportionate amount of your profits and payroll?
  2. What are the customer/niche-tuned service metrics that they want?
  3. How do department metrics help improve key- account service metrics?
  4. How does best total service value win and keep a bigger share of the best accounts?
  5. How does an increased share of the best accounts increase gross margin dollars per line, per order and per full-time equivalent employee (GM$s/FTEE)?
  6. How does improvement in GM$s/FTEE afford both higher wages and higher profit dollars per FTEE? (P$s/FTEE)?
  7. How do big gains in P$s/FTEE afford additional gainsharing bonuses for all? And, reinvestment into the business to finance future job security and growth?
  8. How does this customer-centric, value-improvement strategy also reward shareholders and suppliers?


  1. A good, continuously improving cost-to-serve model to know the profitability of each customer and their niche totals.
  2. A profit equation calculation for every single line item processed. This is the gross margin dollars in the line less the cost-to-serve dollars. This equals either profit or loss dollars in that
  3. Tools to use line item profit data to pinpoint each customer’s avoidable small-dollar invoices. Hidden inefficient systems, assumptions, and habits unnecessarily increase soft costs for both parties. Knowing this data can be used to turn lose-lose activity costs into win-win savings, allowing you to also earn a bigger and more profitable share of each account.
  4. Educational support to help your employees implement this new strategy.


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