196. Praise Tight-Wads: Get Smart!

2019 Survey Results on: “The Gratitude Gap”

  1. Glassdoor exit survey: “81% of people…work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. Only 38% report working harder when their boss is demanding” (Before they “exit”!)
  2. Millennials and Gen Z desire “expressions of gratitude” 3X more than folks in their ‘60s.
  3. Managers, who are stingy with praise, believe in one or more of 7 myths. What’s their cure?

Tight-wads (or Praisers trying to help Tight-wads), read about praising facts with myths debunked in: “Leading with Gratitude” (2020: Gostick and Elton).

Invent a Company “Praising Statement System”


  1. Surveys on Employee Engagement have been chronically woeful.
  2. The C-19 “Great Cessation” will demand both sacrifices by and innovative inputs from all.
  3. And, most companies have heavy, “digital transformational”, change-challenges ahead.

How? A Personal Case

In 1982, these factors came together for me:

  1. I was buying a specialty-hardware distribution company in dire need of reinvention.
  2. The “One Minute Manager” was published. It introduced: “one-minute goals, praisings and reprimands”.
  3. Toyota was killing US auto companies with quality from lean manufacturing that had been refined by 20MM new ideas from associates.
  4. The US quality revolution had taken root. A new mantra: “drive out fear”.
  5. And, FedEx was teaching us to want: “zero errors, on-time, guaranteed”. 

To achieve “Service Excellence Guaranteed” for my company, I tried a supportive experiment that grew into a system and can-do culture. Our “Good News Bulletin” (hard-copy then) came out every Friday PM. It was a consolidation of all submitted Praising Statement forms. Every rep and manager had a quota of at least two a week.

The initial praise-tight-wad resistance was a shock. I had to help many – see, craft, vocalize and then submit – their first 6 to 12. But, it then took off! Everyone was turning in praisings.

The system provided a steady informational flow about many, otherwise-invisible, progress steps. Everyone had faith that by all pulling together “Service Excellence” would happen. It did. Business boomed. And, all stakeholders won.*

But, Praisings Need A Vision and Strategy

B2B suppliers and distributors are in a race today to see and win at Cloud Ecommerce 2023. To help shape your best e-vision and strategy (to then power with praisings), I’ve just unveiled 11, all-new, webinars (each about 45-60 minutes). Check them out here:

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* For more on my “praising statement” system, check these seven, 4-minute YouTube clips, starting here