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“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.”  Vladimir Lenin

What Did Vlad Mean?

My guess: society (or a vertical/channel ecosystem) can remain stable on the surface for a long time. But, forces for change build – like tectonic plates pushing against each other – then boom – a big, fast – earthquake, political order or business model shift – happens.

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189. Black-Swan Management Strategy

Economic Dominos to Date

As I write, C-19 fallout keep increasing. An oil price war is raging. Global financial markets are melting. And, politicians and central banks are pondering more money-printing, can-kicking tactics to stay in power.

What to do? “Stay calm and carry on.”

But, only if you (also) have the right analytical and digital strategy that will win in the Cloud eCommerce world of 2023.

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187. C-19 in 5 steps: DURRR (Downsize, Upgrade, Refocus, Renew, Reinvent)

Twin Challenges: C-19 and eCommerce 2023

The C-19 pandemic has popped the global, bubble economy. The just-in-time, supply chains and economies loaded with too much debt are all disrupted. Most of the global economy is locked-down. How will the New Normal economy emerge? No one knows. Guesses abound.

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