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QPQ For The Good

Politics is giving QPQ a bad reputation. But, “this for that” can also be a selling tool for turning win-lose customer requests into win-win outcomes.
Distributor reps can use QPQ for transactional fairness.

“Mr. Customer: you want a lower price? Understandable! How can we turn a – you win, I lose event – into a win-win transaction? Perhaps a bigger order or the promise of greater future purchases?”

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179. 2020 I.T. Plans? Lost Luggage Lessons (C*)

American Airlines’ Lost-Luggage, Pain-Removal Solution

On a recent American Airlines trip, I turned on my cell phone as I landed at 10 PM. I got a text from American’s AI-bot alerting me that my checked bag did not make it to my hub-connection flight. There were also links for: filing my lost bag info and desired delivery address; and tracking the bag. Continue reading 179. 2020 I.T. Plans? Lost Luggage Lessons (C*)