180. Moving What “Rocks” in 2020 (D*)


A few distributor CEOs have mentioned to me: “moving Rocks in 2020”. Are the “10 Rockefeller Habits” gaining some popularity? In that scheme, “Rocks” are the most-important, non-negotiable objectives. Will the harder, tougher term – “Rocks” – make 2020 resolutions more successful than past year vows?

Questions About Your 2020 Rocks:

1. Besides pushing “Rocks”, why not also identify and reduce the (data-free) opinions for not changing?
2. The Rockefeller Habit creators insist that you do all “10 habits” or Rocks don’t roll well. The 10 guidelines include: going Open-Book with all employees. If you do, what are your new metrics that will – engage, align, activate and reward – everyone? Just substituting “Rocks” for “key objectives” will fall short.
3. All firms set financial goals. But, these are symptoms of what – new, measurable, controllable – input activities that will increase the odds for better outputs?
4. And, if the Rocks do move, what’s in it for everyone?

Improve Your Roadmap and Field Rep Engagement

Would you like to challenge the no-change-vets thinking? If so, here’s an experiment:
1. Download my “Core Renewal Roadmap” (Guaranteed to provoke all defenders of the past.)
2. Divide the document into bite-size reading assignments. Add perhaps your own discussion questions and case examples.
3. Try Amazon’s “6-pager” approach that includes meeting to read silently the section together. Then, discuss. (There are benefits to this technique).
4. Write down the (data-free?) opinions that arise, especially for why elements of the Roadmap can’t be done.
5. Then, assign homework for every criticism (and positive suggestion) for the next meeting: (a) Get real data to support the opinion (best data will win!) (b) Propose an alternative way to accomplish the positive intentions behind any Roadmap prescriptions. Trying harder at the status quo is not an option.

A common objection to change: “the sales force won’t like (or do) this”. Stop fearful, data-free generalizations. Instead: do a deeper analysis (data!) for each rep and tailor a custom coaching solution for each one. How? Check the links below to my: “Rep Questions”; and “Rep Slides” (with commentary).


Do all 10 Rock Habits. For distribution specific ideas for applying the ten habits, check out my links.

Finally: here’s to great Rock Moving, health and happiness in 2020! Cheers!

*Fourth of four blogs (A-D) on “strategic questions for 2020 plans”