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7. Empower Your Employees like the U.S. Military

Distributors who subscribe to WayPoint Analytics’ service discover overwhelming new profit-improvement opportunities.

But, to seize the gold before competitors, the WayPoint information must be shared with all employees along with modest increases in: skills, authority, incentives and desire.

Can you “empower” and “engage” your employees?

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6. The Seven Purposes of Profits

Distributors that have Line-Item, Profit Analytics (LIPA) can see and use seven different purposes for Profits to then grow them sensationally.

Economists See Three Purposes for Profits

  1.  Profits are a Cost of Capital.  Shareholders want a return on their money in the business. The  more risk a shareholder has of not getting their money back, the higher the return they expect. Most  distributors don’t earn a competitive, (after-tax) Return On (Shareholders’) Investment (ROI). Non-employed, minority shareholders would sell for “book value” in a heartbeat and do better reinvesting in muni bonds.
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5. Your 2020 Company Plan

2020 is 5+ years away. Do you have a 2020 Company Plan? What are you doing to prepare for a world going exponentially digital?

Our personal shopping and education starts with Google or Amazon. YouTube currently uploads 20 hours of new video clips per minute: and increasing! Our kids (and many globally) learn whatever they want to on their mobile devices. In poor countries, they then use social media to organize protest-riots.

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