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217. “Modern Monetary Theory” (MMT; Magic Money Tree) Effects?

Post Inauguration Day (1/20/21) Stimulus “Solution”? 

Both presidential candidates have promised lots – including big, pandemic, stimulus bills – “after the election”. What will be this free-lunch formula?

  1. The government issues another $3+ Trillion in government bonds.
  2. Smart investors won’t buy these bonds at near zero-percent interest. So, the Fed will print a similar amount of new dollars out of thin air to buy the bonds (through banks as intermediaries).
  3. This loan from our kids and grandkids will then be sent out to voters to spend and lobbyist clients (financial re-engineers) to bail them out of their zombie investments along with fees.

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216. Man Plans, God Laughs*. But, Still Bet Smarter

2020 Plans Blasted by C19

The Pandemic has hit most 2020 business plans severely. Action CEOs have:

  1. Raced to stop the bleeding while complying with C19 guidelines.
  2. Then, moved to remedial surgery. “Downsize, Upgrade..[1]
  3. Maintained a can-do spirit while looking for new, pandemic-created needs to solve (profitably?) amongst both customers and suppliers.
  4. Made many decisions hoping for best payoffs.

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215. When and How Will Channel Reps Resume In-Person Calls?


  1. Have you heard yet from an old-school buyer that: “Your competitor’s rep has resumed calls!”
  2. Will that be your alarm for resuming full-on, old-way selling?
  3. Are a few data points from old-school, lonely-buyers good market research?
  4. Has Zoomification increased some buyers “rep avoidance” preferences?
  5. How many – new, two-thumb, millennial, B2B – buyers want routine-calling relationships?
  6. Why not proactively survey key buying influences at most-net-profitable (and faster growing) accounts to find out how they want to resume the buying-selling “relationship”?
  7. What if some want, first: better, digital/virtual interactivity. Then, facetime as requested with someone different than the account’s traditional rep?
  8. Do buyers care about your traditional ways? Or: do they want and will get their new way?
  9. And, will pandemic-stressed customers be looking for ways to “buy better”?

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195. ‘New Normal’ Is a Complete Fantasy


Find below a fun, insightful and right-on body of advice from Bill Wade. Bill is a career consultant, operator and writer for (most narrowly) the heavy-duty-truck parts and automotive parts channels. Known him for years. (Personal bias alert.) He is an excellent value-added editor of my stuff and others.

We are all in for tough times, but your competitors will really suffer if not disappear, IF you execute on Bill’s advice.



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