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249. Rethink “Digital” with Customer Advisory Boards (CABs)

My CABs Changed My Distributorship

In the early ‘80’s, I bought a multi-location, contractor-supply distributor. The employees were panicked about the new owner from outside the industry. But, thanks to CABs, we all won big.

I did a customer-profitability, ranking report. Sorted best customers into segments. Ranked the segments by net-profits. Then, visited five, most-progressive-and-ambitious customers in our best segment. Together, we redefined “service excellence” by 8 metrics. My employees got stoked to achieve perfect service. We proceeded to dominate one target-niche after another. We stole only the most, net-profitable (and growing) customers from our unfocused competitors.

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247. Miss Communicating To Your Best (Target) Customers?

Forthcoming Book for Distributors

This is my third blog inspired by Susan Merlo’s insightful, forthcoming book on: Digital Sales and Marketing for Distributors. Do check out my last two blogs, Susan’s website and register for notification of the books release at –

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243. Supply-Chain, “Bull-Whip” Management

Product, Supply-Demand Chaos is Upon Us

Never has a global, just-in-time, balanced economy been shut down by a pandemic. Then, rebooted with:

  1. Massive “quantitative easing” by all central banks
  2. Political, New-Deal-2 stimulus cash to voters and lobbying industries.
  3. With on-going, escalating trade-wars and supply-chain reshoring.

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217. “Modern Monetary Theory” (MMT; Magic Money Tree) Effects?

Post Inauguration Day (1/20/21) Stimulus “Solution”? 

Both presidential candidates have promised lots – including big, pandemic, stimulus bills – “after the election”. What will be this free-lunch formula?

  1. The government issues another $3+ Trillion in government bonds.
  2. Smart investors won’t buy these bonds at near zero-percent interest. So, the Fed will print a similar amount of new dollars out of thin air to buy the bonds (through banks as intermediaries).
  3. This loan from our kids and grandkids will then be sent out to voters to spend and lobbyist clients (financial re-engineers) to bail them out of their zombie investments along with fees.

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