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39. My Sales Reps Won’t Do That!

Line item profit analytics (LIPA) can reveal a rich new vein of customer value-added solutions. WayPoint provides thirteen tools to clarify customer buying statistics for you, and flag unnecessary and hidden buying activity that can cost from 5%–30% or more of a customer’s annual purchase total.

The first step to profitability is to fix these profit leaks.

Here’s why.

  • You will win more sales while building trust and loyalty
  • You will create a bigger barrier for competitors
  • You will improve profits by reducing your parallel, unnecessary service costs
  • You will evolve a powerful new pitch and the capability of cracking target accounts

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38. Vending Machines for Distribution Customers?

MRO Vending Machines for Distribution Customers’ Locations are Hot

Big distributors such as Avnet, Fastenal, MSC, etc. report rapid installations of internet-connected, vending machines at customer locations. At read how their machines – installed by distributors – are:

  • For “high-use” SKUs (lots of picks) that are “mission-critical” (downtime costs are big)
  • Eliminating stock-outs and excess inventory
  • Reducing downtime with handy locations and 24/7 availability
  • Reducing re-ordering costs, etc.

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