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25. 7 Distributor Beliefs that Just Aren’t So

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”    Mark Twain

The founder of Waypoint Analytics, Randy MacLean, recently spoke to a distributor group on: “Seven Limiting Beliefs That Prevent Profits”. The group’s Executive Director asked Randy for a summary article to share more widely.  Randy obliged. Now, you too can read it at his web site. (Link below).

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24. CEO Sales Calls that Win Huge, New Profit

The CEO, Profit-Sales-Call Formula:

  1. Do a customer profitability ranking.
  2. Personally call on the #1 (or few) most profitable accounts.
  3. Use your title to win audiences with higher ranked folks reps don’t get to see.
  4. Have maximum account information and pre-written, best questions in advance if need be.
  5. Besides saying “thanks” and “showing the flag” have these goals:
    1. To do an immediate (or pitched for) “audit” of the buy-sell, inter-business process that has evolved between you: so far, un-managed and un-tuned. Find inefficiencies to fix with your people and dime. The account’s profits over-justify the investment.
    2. Improve the customer’s profits by the reduction of their “soft costs”. Find ways to consolidate small, frequent – line and invoice – purchases that also cost the customer recurring – downtime, expediting and emergency small order- costs. (You will save matching service-activity costs!)
    3. Find, deserve and win more share of sales.
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