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23. Corporate America (and You?) v. Bezos and Amazon

In late 2015, DuPont and Dow announced plans to merge for better short-term earnings through layoffs. The CEOs will maximize their stock-option income rather than trying to win via traditional innovation. Consolidating mature industry capacity continues!

Since 2009, US firms have increased stock buybacks by 194%. In 2015 alone, American companies spent over $2 trillion on acquisitions.

Then, there is Amazon: just 22 years old and eating many with constant innovation. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO, is one of the most effective businessmen of all times. He’s also quite quotable. Google: Bezos + 20 smart things. Contrast Jeff’s competitive beliefs with yours for some competitive insights.
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22. Fizzle-Proof Dashboard KPIs

Business Intelligence (BI) “solutions” with sizzling dashboard KPIs first promised profits in the late ’80s. Financial KPIs can help with fiscal discipline. But, their “try harder” novelty fades, and better results are rare. It turns out that – like all tools – BI/Dashboards don’t make for better carpenters, smarter strategic blueprints, innovative input KPIs, or, effective leadership.

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