Bruce Merrifield on Amazon

Amazon Business: Defend Against; Partner; and Out-Innovate

Attend This All-Day Seminar To:

  1. Understand the full, 2020 threat of Amazon to legacy channel players.
  2. See how Line-Item, Profit Analytics reveals the extent and vulnerability of the huge profit/loss cross-subsidies amongst both Customers and SKUs.
  3. Learn how to fix the losers, dominate the winners to get the profits and agility you will need to:
    1. Minimize the profit losses to Amazon
    2. Know what products and dynamic pricing to use in reseller experiments with Amazon.
    3. Invest in next-level web interfaces with different sub-sets of customers and next-level rep capabilities in a world of Multimedia Pull Marketing.

Who Should Attend:

Supplier management in charge of channel relationships as well as “the Amazon Strategy”. Distributor CEOS and any colleagues able to envision and embrace transformational necessities.


October 16th


Center for Supply Chain Excellence

Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business

Saint Louis University