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1. AmazonSupply is Just Warming Up!

Don’t underestimate the amount and pace of the forthcoming innovations of AmazonSupply. Read our latest “Insight” (below) and then the support, deep-dive exhibit. If you aren’t stunned and looking at AS in a whole new light, I’ll be very surprised.

The news on will continue to accelerate. They have recently increased their items for sale into 17 (and climbing?) “vertical” distribution channels in pursuit of “business-to-business” (B2B) sales. On May 8th Forbes Magazine published an article: “Amazon’s Wholesale Slaughter”, which was long on short-term hype, but short on long-term vision.

Because Amazon is the most innovative and channel-changing juggernaut ever, what we see today at AmazonSupply is just a beginning. Their mission statement suggests more to come: “to sell everything needed to rebuild civilization”.

How will pressure your 100-year-old channel’s service-model and rules?

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